Our Approach

We are committed to operating in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner. We conduct our business responsibly by actively managing risk, working with our business partners and service providers to ensure alignment on best practices, proactively taking steps to minimize our impact on the environment, and upholding the highest standards of governance and ethics which we believe will enhance long-term shareholder value. We are proud to work in Canada, a jurisdiction that maintains some of the highest regulatory and legal standards in the world for the protection of the environment, good governance and human rights. To demonstrate our commitment to responsible management, PrairieSky is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact

Sustainability Reports

Our Sustainability Reports summarize the sustainability of our business model and provide a tool for accountability – identifying our successes as well as areas for improvement over the short and longer term. We are committed to transparency and the continued development of our sustainability reporting.






Company Performance

Survey Results and Recognition

Sustainalytics | PrairieSky is ranked #1 out of 307 global oil and gas producers and in the top 0.5% of all companies in Sustainalytics global coverage universe and maintained a “negligible risk” rating of 7.4. Received “2024 ESG Global 50 Top-Rated Badge” awarded to the top 50 ranked companies in Sustainalytics ESG Risk Ratings universe which covers more than 14,000 companies across 42 industries. (February 5, 2024)

CDP | PrairieSky received a CDP score of “B” in the 2023 Climate Change Survey, which is above the North American and global average score of “C”, indicating the Company has addressed the environmental impacts of the business and ensures good environmental management. PrairieSky received a CDP score of “B-” in the 2023 Water Survey, which is above the North American and global average score of “C”. CDP Climate SurveyCDP Water Survey.

MCSI | In 2023, PrairieSky maintained an “AAA” rating from MSCI ESG ratings, denoting companies leading the industry in managing the most significant ESG risks and opportunities.

S&P Global | PrairieSky achieved a score of 62 out of 100, ranking in the top 15% on the S&P Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) and was included in The Sustainability Yearbook 2024 for corporate sustainability excellence.

2023 Globe and Mail Board Games | PrairieSky ranked 57 out 219 companies in the S&P/TSX Composite Index with an overall score of 84 out of 100 in the survey assessing quality of governance practices.

2023 Report on Business Women Lead Here Honouree
PrairieSky was included as one of the 90 honourees in the annual Report on Business Women Lead Here survey. The survey identifies companies at the forefront of women in leadership positions and intends to set a benchmark for gender diversity in corporate Canada.