At PrairieSky we manage our business for the long term and we believe our success depends on the social and economic health of our communities. PrairieSky and our employees are committed to giving back to the communities where we work and live, supporting causes that make a significant and positive impact in the community.

Community Investment Program

At PrairieSky, we strongly believe in giving back to our community and supporting causes that have a direct and significant impact on where we live, work and play. We foster this culture of giving back through financial partnerships with local community groups, causes, not-for-profit organizations and registered charities. The Company also encourages a high level of employee volunteerism throughout the year by coordinating campaigns and activities. PrairieSky’s Community Investment Program guides our charitable giving with an emphasis on (i) promoting healthier communities, (ii) giving back to where we live and (iii) fostering employee engagement in the community. Notwithstanding our relatively young history, we have established several giving initiatives and programs tailored to the needs of our local community in order to give back in a meaningful and lasting way.

Areas of Support

We often partner with organizations to provide multi-year commitments to create long-term, meaningful change. Within this framework, we focus our support in the following key areas:

  1. Community and Social Services
  2. Education
  3. Health and Wellness
  4. Environmental Stewardship
  5. Sport and Recreation

These focus areas align with our business values and reflect the segments where we want to make positive differences in our community.

Employee Giving and Volunteering

We strongly support and encourage our employees to give back where possible and recognize that our commitment to the community is made possible by the generosity of our employees. Our Community Investment Program supports and encourages our employees to give back by matching charitable donations, matching volunteer time with financial contributions, providing volunteer opportunities (including during regular office hours) and supporting team volunteering and fundraising.

Flagship Investments

PrairieSky has partnered with the following organizations for a multi-year period which we consider to be our “flagship investments”:

Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation (“ACHF”) The ACHF supports excellence in child and youth mental health initiatives through the proposed Child and Youth Mental Health Centre. Child and Adolescent Mental Health Inpatient Services at the ACHF offer mental health assessments and treatments for children with serious emotional, behavioural, and/or psychiatric problems that cannot be treated in the community, day patient, or outpatient settings. The ACHF services also involve the child’s family to create a holistic approach to the treatment.

Alberta Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Ski for Heart PrairieSky is a lead sponsor of the Ski for Heart event in support of life-saving heart and stroke research. Funds raised from the event are used to sponsor a heart and stroke research project for one year.

University of Saskatchewan’s Edwards School of Business PrairieSky is a proud supporter of the Edwards School of Business, whose mission is to serve the public good by connecting discovery, teaching and outreach by promoting diversity and meaningful change to prepare students for enriching careers and fulfilling lives as engaged global citizens. We share their desire to build a rich cultural community while supporting a longstanding and established educational institution.

Other community investment programs are considered on an annual basis. In 2019, PrairieSky also supported the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre, Wood’s Homes, Ronald McDonald House, Between Friends, and Distress Centre Calgary through their fundraising activities.

Measurement and Results

We strive to ensure we employ best practices when it comes to our community investments. Each year, we review our Community Investment Program to ensure that we are achieving the desired results of making a meaningful and lasting impact with both our current and upcoming funding initiatives. The review ensures that PrairieSky, our employees and stakeholders can be confident that our investments and initiatives achieve the criteria we’ve set out above.

Process for Funding

We have clearly defined parameters for our Community Investment Program. All funding recommendations must align with PrairieSky values and culture and meet the criteria outlined above. Our Community Investment and Charitable Giving Committee accepts requests from a wide range of registered charitable and non-profit organizations. Recommendations for Company support can be submitted to the Community Investment and Charitable Giving Committee who will review and assess suitability of the request based on the process guidelines below.

How to Apply

  • Review PrairieSky’s key funding areas and requirements to see if your organization is eligible for funding
  • Please include the following in your sponsorship proposal for a charity, organization, or non-profit entity:
    • Organization contact name
    • Specific program information
    • Funding request description and details
    • List of other sponsors and sources of funding
    • Opportunity for PrairieSky employee involvement
    • Most recent financial statements and annual report
  • Please apply online to: Note that funding applications must be submitted through the email above.
  • Application reviews and decisions for funding occur on a semi-annual basis by our Community Investment and Charitable Giving Committee. Depending on the submission date, a decision may not be made for up to 3-6 months.
  • Due to the volume of applications received, we are unable to contact all of those organizations who have requested funding through this process. If your application is successful you will be contacted by a member of PrairieSky’s team for further details.
  • Organizations who are successful in receiving funding may be asked to submit a report entailing achievements and results of the funded initiative.