Asset Base of the Company

PrairieSky Royalty has the largest independently-owned portfolio of fee simple mineral title lands in Canada with approximately 9.7 million acres of the fee simple mineral title lands with petroleum and/or natural gas rights (“Fee Lands”) and 8.6 million acres of gross overriding royalty interests (“GORR Interests”) on lands (“GORR Lands”) and other acreage (collectively, the “Royalty Properties”) across Western Canada.

Fee simple mineral title is unique from other forms of oil and gas interests as these mineral rights are owned in perpetuity. As the owners of fee simple mineral titles, PrairieSky is able to grant petroleum and natural gas leases to third parties while reserving back a lessor royalty. PrairieSky actively manages its fee simple mineral titles, leasing to third parties the ability to explore for and develop the sub-surface minerals owned by PrairieSky. The Company’s Fee Lands and other royalty interests have played a significant role in the history of the development of the Canadian oil and natural gas industry.

PrairieSky is focused on encouraging third parties to actively develop its Royalty Properties and the Company does not directly conduct operations to explore for, develop or produce petroleum or natural gas.

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